Our Story

My love for what I like to call a healing witchy vibe is in my work, the things I possess, the things I create and in my home decor. It is how Little Stumbler was born.

I am a native to Maryland and enjoy making my thoughts come to life. I have worked in the financial industry since 1996 but always knew I wanted to manifest my dream of being not just a business owner but a participator in healing journeys. Mine as well as yours. I met a Shaman who changed my life and was an integral part of my growth both personally and in business. 

All the things I make are with intention and healing in mind and come from the core of my creativity.

We were all born with a gift. I encourage each and every person who visits this site to embrace your inner child and give them permission to run rampant. (within reason) :)

I hope you enjoy your Little Stumbler experience as much as I do.

I am a grandmother, a mother, a 4~time divorcee, an author, an artist, a poet, an adventurer, and a Gemini.

Fun Fact: I share a birthday with Marilyn Monroe.